The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll is out.  And the numbers are dismal for President Obama and ObamaCare.

Mr. Obama is at his lowest approval level (41%) and highest disapproval level (54%) in the poll\’s history. 

Moreover, ObamaCare is still near its all-time low, and the most motivated voters are the people most against it.

These data are very interesting…but I doubt they are surprising anyone.

To me, this study\’s most important data are Hillary Clinton\’s approval levels….both now and in previous waves of the poll going back to the beginning of 2013.

Want to see them?  No problem:

  March,2014:     Very Positive: 23%  Somewhat Positive: 21 Neutral: 20   Somewhat Negative: 12  Very Negative: 22

  September \’13:  Very Positive: 26%Somewhat Positive: 25  Neutral: 17   SomewhatNegative: 12  Very Negative:  19

  May/June \’13:    VeryPositive: 29%  Somewhat Positive: 20  Neutral: 18  Somewhat Negative: 13  Very Negative: 18

  April \’13:          Very Positive: 32%  Somewhat Positive: 24 Neutral: 14  Somewhat Negative: 14  Very Negative: 15

  January \’13:     Very Positive:  34%  Somewhat Positive: 22  Neutral: 19 Somewhat Negative: 12  Very Negative:  13

Now those are important data.

What they tell us is that – assuming the NBC/WSJ poll is accurate – over the past year, Hillary Clinton\’s ratings have taken a nosedive.

-In January, 2013, Hillary Clinton was riding high, with 56% positive ratings (34% very positive) versus just 25% negative ratings:  That is 31% more positive than negative.  Impressive, and then some.

-But now?  She is at just 44% positive (23% very positive) versus 34% negative:  That is just 10% more positive than negative…a drop of over two-thirds from little over a year ago.  Worse still, almost her entire drop in positive ratings (10% of the 12%) is in the “very positive” category.

-I assume you don\’t need me to tell you that she is trending significantly downward.

Ok, there are the data.  Now, where is the coverage?  Have you seen/heard any at all?

Think about it:  The odds-on favorite to be the Democrats\’ 2016 presidential candidate takes a two-thirds drop in positive versus negative ratings – and a 12% drop in positive reactions, with almost the entire drop occurring at the “very positive” level.  Is that or is that not a major finding of this study?

Assuming you agree it is a major finding (how could you not?) my next question is simple and predictable:  how come virtually no major media are reporting, let alone making a big deal, of this finding?

If there is anyone left who still wonders how completely mainstream media are in the tank for Hillary Clinton, this should end the issue for once and for all.

What disgraces they are. 

How do they call themselves journalists?  How do they even face themselves in the mirror?

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