Evidently they ran out of things to dredge up from his pre-high school days…so they had to start making them up.

The Daily Beast put out a story that Scott Walker, that neanderthal mouth-breathing imbecile from Wisconsin (aka: a possible Republican presidential candidate) had  – can you believe this guy – cut the ability of state colleges and universities to report rapes which occur on campus.

Now THAT is a war on women. This woman-hating sicko should be summarily impeached, removed from office, tarred, feathered and run out of the state…….


…it turns out he didn’t do any such thing.

As reported in Nick Gass’s article at (which, itself, is no stranger to Republican-bashing), actually Governor Walker did not do any such thing:

Another major media outlet has apologized after getting a story about Scott Walker wrong. Last week, it was the New York Times; now, it’s The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast has retracted an article from one of its college columnists that claimed that the Wisconsin governor’s budget would cut sexual assault reporting from the state’s universities.

The post, published Friday, cited a report from Jezebel that wrongly interpreted a section of the state budget to mean that all assault reporting requirements were to get cut altogether.

In fact, the University of Wisconsin system requested the deletion of the requirements to get rid of redundancy, as it already provides similar information to the federal government, UW System spokesman Alex Hummel told The Associated Press on Friday.


So what do you figure they’ll try next?

Maybe there’s an old polarioid, somewhere, of Walker picking his nose in gym class? Or at the local newsstand leering at a cover of Playboy?

If there is a correlation between how worrisome a potential Republican candidate might be, and how hard some media will work to take that potential candidate down, then Scott Walker must be keeping these people up nights.

Oh, one other thing: how much coverage have you seen or heard about the fact that, while Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton accumulated millions upon millions upon millions of dollars in her personal “foundation” from foreign governments – a true scandal that would be the death knell for most presidential hopefuls regardless of party?

I guess the prospect of a Clinton candidacy doesn’t bother them a bit.


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