The following information is excerpted from Brendan Bordelon\’s article at  It is not excerpted from mainstream media, because mainstream media are ignoring it…thus keeping just about everyone other than political junkies like me (and maybe you) in the dark:

Aftera contentious Wednesday hearing with IRS Commissioner John Koskinen,South Carolina Republican congressman Trey Gowdy threatened to holdthe top tax official in contempt of Congress unless he producesdisgraced IRS official Lois Lerner\’s emails by the end of thisweek.

Gowdyspoke with Fox News\’ Greta van Susteren about Wednesday\’shearing, where a slew of GOP congressmen tore into Koskinen\’s claimthat responding to the Oversight committee\’s subpoena for Lerner’semails could take years.

Allwe want are the emails to or from Lois Lerner – I\’m not talkingabout private taxpayer information. That\’s 6103, that\’sconfidential, that’s a separate conversation,” he said.

Justemails like the one she sent celebrating a Democratic victory in aspecial election, calling on the FEC to save the day – overtlypolitical, nothing to do with her job – we\’ll just settle forthose!”

Years to identify and forward emails?  Liar.   Fraud.

Try to imagine what the same media which have not reported this exchange, would be saying if it were a Republican scandal and John Koskinen were a Republican-appointed IRS Commissioner claiming that the release of a few emails would take years.

The howls would be so loud that you would hear them loud and clear – even if your TV and radio were not on.  It would be feature-story news for days, maybe longer.

If New Jersey Governor Chris Christie\’s possible involvement in closing a couple of lanes to the George Washington Bridge for a few days – with no actual evidence proving he knew a thing about it – generated months of nonstop negative coverage, what would this be worth?

Put another way, anyone who thinks that a great many “journalists” are not acting as accomplice media, and doing their level best to make sure the voting public is nice and ignorant about the Lie-RS scandal, is sadly mistaken.

Do yourself a favor and don\’t be one of them.  This is real.  The scandal is huge.  And media\’s ignoring it does not change those facts.  Not one little bit.

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