I doubt most people know who Ken Marcus is.  But if the political parties involved in Mr. Marcus’s current situation were reversed, I guarantee you’d know his name perfectly well.

Excerpted from Jeff Robbins’ troubling column in the Boston Herald:

At last month’s Senate hearing on the nomination of civil rights lawyer Ken Marcus to be the Education Department’s assistant secretary for civil rights, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) praised Marcus for his advocacy on behalf of a Virginia Tech student threatened by a white supremacist working for the university.

Having praised Marcus for doing the kind of work he has done for years, ­Kaine then proceeded to join all of the Democrats on the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee in opposing Marcus’ nomination, which only cleared the committee by a 12-11 vote because of Republicans’ unanimous support. For Democrats who find Donald Trump loathsome but worry that their party has lost its bearings, the Democrats’ vote against Marcus is more reason to worry.

Marcus’ “problem” is that he has devoted the last several years of his life to defending the rights of Jewish college kids who, caught in a vise between white supremacism on the far right and ugly, beyond-the-pale anti-Israelism on the far left, have been subjected to increasingly widespread, increasingly repugnant anti-Semitism on American campuses.

This conduct strikes Marcus as deeply wrong, and he has challenged the right of certain groups, pro-Palestinian groups prominently among them, to engage in it. These groups, in turn, want to operate free from any scrutiny, and they have made the predictable accusations against Marcus and mobilized others to oppose his nomination.

That’s their prerogative. The question Democrats will have to answer is whether it is right or wise to be roped or cowed into doing the bidding of bullies simply because their goal is to have their bullying left unchallenged.

Are you surprised to read this?  I hope not.  Because:

-It is a fact – not an opinion, but a fact – that the hard left has become Anti-Israel Central in the United States.

-It is also a fact – not an opinion, but a fact – that the Democrat Party has kowtowed to these hard left Israel-haters – no shortage at all of overt anti-Semites among them – for years.

-And they have done so with mainstream media barely ever reporting the fact that Israel and, more generally, Jew hatred has become a vastly larger problem of the Democrat Party.

Yes, many people within the Democrat Party still do support Israel and still do love Jews.  But all too many of its members restrict that “love” to liberal and left wing Jews, with fat wallets, who either do not know or do not care what the party has become – especially as it regards Israel.

It is long past time for some of these people to wake up and realize what they are supporting.

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  • With so many awful shit-hole countries that you could be against how on earth do they justify targeting Israel???

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