Ken Berwitz

In four years as this country\’s Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton did not send or receive any emails containing classified material.  The President of the United States, had no idea that she was using a personal server, he just read it in the paper, like you and me.  

Do you believe either of them?  

Before answering, here are excerpts from Michael D. Shear and Michael M. Schmidt\’s article in yesterday\’s New York Times:

The WhiteHouse will try to block the release of a handful of emails between PresidentObama and former Secretary of StateHillaryRodham Clinton, citing longstanding precedent invoked by presidentsof both parties to keep presidential communications confidential, officialssaid Friday.

The State Departmentdiscovered the emails between Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton as part of its effortto release the former secretary\’s emails, several thousand more of which weremade public on Friday. A review of those emails showed Mrs. Clinton engaged inconversations with various aides about security in Libya, discussing talkingpoints after the 2012 attack on the American compound in Benghazi, Libya, and – on a lighter note – complaining about the lack of emoticons on her phone.

The contents of theemails between Mrs. Clinton, who is running for president, and Mr. Obama havenot been disclosed, but their presumed existence has not been a secret. TheWhite House press secretary, Josh Earnest, acknowledged in March that the two“did have the occasion to email one another” when Mrs. Clinton was secretary ofstate.

Mr. Obama told CBSNews in March that he learned about Mrs. Clinton\’s use of a private emailserver “the same time everybody else learned it – through news reports.” Mr.Earnest later clarified that the president was aware that she sometimes used aprivate email address but did not know the details about how the server was setup.

Hillary:  nothing was of a sensitive nature, no classified information.  But we\’re going to hide it from you.  Besides, why would you think that discussing security in Libya, and what we could say about the terrorist atta…er, that video, to bamboozle the public would be important.  

Barack:  I didn\’t know Hillary Clinton used a private email server…except, I did.  But I don\’t know anything else.  Honest.

Is it just me, or does that read like two people lying for the purpose of hiding something? 

I commend the New York Times for publishing this article – despite the fact that its first paragraph tries to minimize the emails and assures us that everyone did it.

But that\’s OK.  I\’ll just bet the rest of mainstream media will be all over this.  Any day now.  Annnn-n-n-n-nnnny day.

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