Democrats, continuing their concerted effort to prevent or at least obstruct everything the Trump administration attempts to do, have created a one-week delay before there is a vote on Neil Gorsuch as the new Supreme Court Justice.

Unless there is some major case to be decided this week – I am unaware of any –  this will mean very little regarding Judge Gorsuch.

But if Republicans are smart (a big “if”, to say the least), they can use this to their advantage, by presenting it to voters as another proof (add it to the pile) that Democrats are more interested in “getting back” at them for electing a Republican President, Senate and House than they are about allowing government to function.

Will Republicans figure this out?  If we’re talking about the general run of Republicans I doubt it.

But maybe businesspeople like Trump, Bannon and Conway will recognize the opportunity Democrats are gift-wrapping to them.

We’ll see….

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