Investors Business Daily (IBD) has published an editorial retrospective on Tuesday’s special election in Georgia.

You can read it all by clicking here.  I think you’ll find the conclusions very similar to what you’ve read in this blog.

But here’s a segment of the editorial which, though it doesn’t break new ground, makes its point in an especially persuasive way, so I thought I’d put it up for you:

So sure that Georgians shared their loathing of Donald Trump, Democrats from around the country poured more than $8 million — almost none of which came from people in Georgia’s 6th District — into the campaign of 30-year-old political novice Jon Ossoff. Celebrities endorsed him. The media showered him with free publicity. And he was running against 11 Republican candidates.

But even with all that support, Ossoff wasn’t able to win a majority of the vote…

Still, isn’t getting 48% a big achievement in a “ruby red” state like Georgia? Ossoff called this “a remarkable victory.” And the New York Times says his “strong showing will ensure that national Democrats continue to compete here.”

This might be comforting to the #ResistTrump crowd, but the actual election results don’t back these boasts up at all.

Despite constantly being described as ultraconservative, Georgia’s 6th District is not.

It is comprised of parts of three counties around Atlanta that all went for Hillary in 2016. In fact, two of the counties — Fulton and DeKalb — gave Clinton 69% and 81% of the vote, respectively.

While the 6th District’s boundaries make it more conservative than these counties, Trump was only able to eke out a tiny 48.3%-46.8% victory over Clinton there.

In other words, despite the pile of cash thrown at his campaign — which worked out to $90 per vote — Ossoff improved on Hillary’s vote margin in the 6th District by just one percentage point.

Whatever that is, it is not evidence of an anti-Trump wave. It’s more like a very expensive ripple.

Exactly.  Beautifully written, guys.

Incidentally, today’s Times – the one my previous blog referred to as delusional – has a front page story on the Georgia election, titled:

Moved by Georgia, Democrats In Montana Say, It’s Our Turn”

The headline suggests that Georgia’s result was so positive for Democrats it has invigorated them for Montana’s special election, on May 25th, to fill the seat vacated by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

Read the above IBD segment again, and tell me what, exactly, would be invigorating about Jon Ossoff’s performance.

When losing an election, but not by as much as might have been expected, is the criterion for a party’s invigoration, that party is in a world of trouble.

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