The first thing you have to remember in reading the generic ballot trend – that is, the movement on whether voters say the will cast their ballots for Democrats or Republicans in this year’s mid-term elections – is that it not only is changing now, but it can easily change again before November – in either direction.

With that in mind, here is a graph showing the average of major polls which measure these data.  See if you can detect which way things are moving:

That clear enough?

But what does it tell you?

Maybe that the mueller “investigation”, as it goes on and on and on without any sign of collusion evidence, has become a bore?

That voters don’t give a crap about whether Donald Trump boinked “stormy daniels” 12 years ago?

Or maybe that, even if they aren’t bored about mueller and do care about Trump’s sexual escapades, the all-Republican tax legislation that is putting more money in most of their pockets every paycheck, and the record-low unemployment, are far, far more important than either of the other two?

Your call.

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