First, let\’s look at what happens when a leader is in charge of a country.  Under Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, we have this, as excerpted from Stewart Bell\’s article at Canada\’s National Post:

Thegovernment has begun invalidating the passports of Canadians who haveleft to join extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, Citizenship andImmigration Minister Chris Alexander revealed in an interview onFriday.

Theminister told the NationalPosthis department had also revoked the passports of several Canadianswho had not yet left the country but who had intended to travel tothe volatile region to enlist as foreign fighters.

Hewould not disclose the number of passports Citizenship andImmigration Canada had revoked over the conflict but said there were”multiple cases.” The government says about 30 Canadiansare with extremist groups in Syria and 130 are active elsewhere.

“Yes,I think it\’s safe to say that there are cases of revocation ofpassports involving people who\’ve gone to Syria and Iraq already,”Mr. Alexander said. “I just don\’t want to get into the numbers,but multiple cases.”

Theaction means Canadian fighters in Syria and Iraq may effectively bestranded there. Their passports are no longer valid and thereforecannot be used to return to Canada. Nor could they be used to travelelsewhere.

Now, let\’s look at how a spectator acts. Under Barack Obama, we have this, from my blog of 5 days ago

-Senator Cruz has proposed legislation – similar to a bipartisan bill introduced several years ago – which would strip US citizens who join ISIS of their citizenship, thus their passports, so they cannot legally come here to act out their murderous intentions.

-But one Democrat senator, without any apparent blowback from other Democrats in the Senate, or admonition from the Democrat Senate Majority Leader, wants to hold things up so they can discuss, compare and contrast the issue – you know, just like a middle school homework assignment – while the people who, by joining ISIS, have committed themselves to killing U.S. citizens within our borders, freely travel in and out of the country.

And President Obama\’s reaction? What reaction? No comment so far.

That, folks, is the difference between a leader and a spectator.

Any questions?

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