This may be the start of a series.  There is certainly enough material for it so far…and, I fully expect, will continue to grow.

From John Hinderaker’s article at

This is a small but revealing illustration of how reporters’ hate for President Trump distorts their thinking, to the point where they have no idea how they come across to people who don’t share their biases. The Associated Press reports: “Trump says he wasn’t being serious in remarks about Putin.”

President Donald Trump said he was not being serious when he thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for ordering a drastic reduction in the number of U.S. diplomatic employees and saving the U.S. significant cash.

“Absolutely, I think you know that,” Trump told reporters Friday when asked about the comments he made a day earlier.

Trump had said he “greatly” appreciated Putin’s help cutting down the State Department’s payroll. At the time, it was unclear whether he was joking.

Just ponder that for a moment. The Associated Press actually thought Trump may have been serious in thanking Vladimir Putin for helping him cut the State Department’s budget by kicking diplomats out of Russia? The idea is absurd on its face. It can only have been a product of the AP’s extreme antipathy toward our president.

Mr. Hinderaker is 100% correct.

And the Associated Press is a once-neutral, now-compromised source of news.

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