How do you boost the prospects for the opposition party’s incumbent president to win re-election?

Well, one way is to conduct as many investigations over as many things about him as you can dream up.

Not only does that make you look bitter, angry and desperate, but it also opens the door for him to point out all the similar instances that were not investigated about the previous president – your guy.

Excerpted from Billy House’s article at, via Yahoo News:

Heading into his re-election campaign, President Donald Trump faces months of inquiries by House Democrats beyond a potential impeachment probe.

The scrutiny extends from Trump’s personal finances to decisions made by the White House on issues such as health care and immigration, his alleged direct involvement in payments to silence two women claiming to have had affairs with him and whether his closest aides improperly used private messaging services to conduct official business.

Most probes don’t have a direct tie-in to whether the Judiciary Committee opens a formal presidential impeachment inquiry. But many do, and the interconnected investigations will add to the drumbeat of Democratic attacks on Trump leading up to the 2020 election.

Presidential decisions?  Whether he was blackmailed by Stormy Daniels?  Whether his aides used private message services?????

For left wing political junkies this is all manna from heaven.  “Get that guy any way you can. Yay, antifa.”

For most of the rest of us?  It’s “Don’t you have something – anything – more important to do?  You people are ridiculous.  If you want to be useful, tell us why you favor non-existent borders, free health care for illegals and why a government that screws up everything it touches should be entrusted with our health care”.

A political party shooting itself in the collective foot isn’t unique.  But doing it on this scale?  Wow.

Hey, maybe they’ll call michael avenatti to testify at the Stormy Daniels hearing.  Scarily enough, it might actually raise the legitimacy level of this carnival side show.

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