In the hebrew languarge, each letter has a numerical value.

The hebrew word for life is “chai”.

“Chai” has a numerical value of 18.

Eighteen years ago, on 9/11/2001, people who hate the United States, democracy and freedom attacked us.  Their objective was to end all three.

Almost 3,000 innocent people died that day, with many more succombing afterwards, right up to the present.

But the United States, democracy and freedom survived.  And are thriving today.

Jews who support Israel (not to be confused with “Lost Tribers” who pretend they do, but who, for secular political reasons, find ways of rationalizing away the increasingly overt anti-semitism spewed by some congresspeople) have an expression they proudly state:

“Am Yisrael chai”.  “The nation of Israel lives”.

In hebrew, that is:  עם ישראל חי

How fortunate we are that the same can be said about the United States:  עם ארצות הברית חי

I hope you join me in hoping that they both stay that way for a long, long time to come.

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