Once again, I am forced to congratulate a major newspaper for doing nothing other than reporting the news.

This time it is the Los Angeles Times, which, via an article by reporter, Cathleen Decker, has detailed what amounts to nothing less than a crime wave among Democrats over the past several months.

Read these excerpts and see for yourself:

OnWednesday,California state Sen. Leland Yee was arrested as part of a publiccorruption investigation, the FBIconfirmed. No charges were detailed, and Yee was due in court laterWednesday. A Democrat from San Francisco, Yee has been seeking thejob of secretary of state, the office that runs California\’selections. 

Yeeis the third California Democrat caught in seemingly unrelatedcriminal scandals this brief year.

Sen.Rod Wright of Inglewood was convicted in January of perjury and voterfraud stemming from charges that he had lied about his address onvoter registration and candidacy papers. His attorney has said hewill appeal, and a court date has been set for May 16. Weeks afterthat conviction, Sen. RonaldS. Calderon of Montebello pleaded not guilty after his indictmenton charges of bribery and money laundering.

Atalmost the same time that Yee was taken into custody, a SouthernDemocrat, Mayor Patrick Cannon of Charlotte, N.C., was arrested ona federal complaint that charged him with theft, bribery andextortion. 

Cannon\’s arrest followed by days theresignation of Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox afterinvestigators involved in a secret inquiry searched through theDemocrat\’s home and office. 

Is what you just read newsworthy?  Should it be on, say, the evening news, or the morning shows, or prominently featured in major newspapers (not just the Los Angeles Times)?

Let\’s consider:  in just the last couple of months, three California Democrats – including a candidate for Secretary of State, the Democrat Mayor of a major city, and a Democrat Speaker of the House have either been arrested or had to resign for corruption.  Does this qualify as something the public should be aware of?

Yet print coverage of this crime wave is spotty at best, and broadcast coverage – other than local –  is barely existent…if it exists at all. 

If there were a similar crime wave among Republicans – with a statewide office seeker, the Mayor of a major city and a Speaker of the House involved – do you think you\’d have any difficulty reading about it or seeing it on the news? 

So thank you again, Cathleen Decker and the Los Angeles Times.  Thank you for acting just like the newspaper and the journalist you purport to be.  Thank you for doing your jobs.

In this day and age, an act of journalistic professionalism like this is no longer a second-nature assumption, it is a surprising revelation. 


UPDATES:  Whoops, there\’s another one.

At 5:45AM this morning, the FBI raided New York State Assemblyman William Scarborough;s offices, and left with boxes marked “evidence”. 

Another part of the crime wave for media not to make anything of.  Watch them do it.

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