As regular readers know, I use a lot of sources, both right and left, to write this blog.  One of the key rightward sources is

But I have to tell you, this site has so overloaded itself with ads you have to wade through before finally, at long last, getting to the article of interest, that I\’m using it less and less.

No I don\’t want to play party poker.  I don\’t need new sneakers.  I already have natural gas – both piped into our house and piped out after I eat…well, never mind that one. 

I do not want to see ads for these things, and a lot more, shoved in my face, one after the other, for the privilege of reading information which, more often than not, I can find elsewhere with a lot less annoyance.

I doubt the people over at care what I think.  But I feel better about getting it off my chest.

Ok, back to politics, where natural gas is in such plentiful supply, I\’m surprised that Washington D.C. doesn\’t spontaneously combust.

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