Investors’ Business Daily (IBD) has published an editorial that should put fear into the hearts of every legal citizen of Californian who pays taxes (a dwindling segment of the population).  It concerns the direction “CaliCare” – California’s brilliant, socialist-all-the-way answer to health care, is proposed and how it will be paid for.

Allow me to show you just one segment (the bold print is mine):

CaliCare: California’s so-called progressive Democrats, fresh off their classy “flipping off” of Donald Trump at their state convention, now want to flip off the entire state by imposing a reckless, economy-destroying single-payer health care system on the state’s citizens. If voters don’t stop this madness they’ll get what they deserve.

A study by the Senate Appropriations Committee of the state legislature found that a proposed single-payer system would cost $400 billion a year — more than twice the state’s current bloated budget of $182 billion. To say that it would be the fiscal and economic ruin of California is an understatement.

As the Sacramento Bee notes, half the tab would come in the form of a new tax of about 15% on all earned income. That’s in addition to the 13%-plus state income tax already levied on Californians. That would still leave as much as $100 billion in new spending that would have to be paid for somehow. No doubt, they’ll go after businesses for that.

The state has already lost millions of residents and thousands of businesses because of its excessive taxation and onerous regulations. The ruinous taxation from single-payer health care would lead to a mass exodus of companies and what remains of the once-thriving middle class. Californians need to wake up to the fact that they’ve put the most far-left state government in American history into power, and will soon pay dearly for it.

Is this true?  Is this really the California “solution” to health care?

Wow, what a great idea.  Take a system already on life support – in  no small part because California, as a pre-eminent state for “sanctuary cities”, has essentially made itself a satellite of the Mexican health care system for illegals – and “fix” it with an increase in cost so huge that it will undoubtedly drive significantly more suckers productive citizens and businesses out the state – citizens and businesses which would be expected to pay for the increase.

All this, and demands for a referendum for California to secede from the United States (so help me, there is such a referendum being floated – and, if as many illegals can vote in California as I suspect, it would have a realistic chance of passing.)

In 1930, Warner Bros. put together a series of cartoon characters and their exploits, called “Looney Tunes”.  They made people laugh for decades.

In 2017, California’s hard-left government, populated by characters that would have done “Looney Tunes” proud, has put together a health care plan which Warner Bros. would have had a field day with.  But I doubt that the people expected to pay for it are laughing.  Not even for a second.

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