Anyone want to explain to me why “stormy daniels”, the has-been porn star who apparently approached the Trump campaign in its last stages for money to keep her mouth shut about the alleged one-night-stand she had ten years before with Donald Trump, has not been called a blackmailer by our mainstream media – the same media which, as a means of going after President Trump, cannot get enough of her?

I understand why Trump himself would not file charges.  Aside from the fact that it would force him into a protracted legal battle, it would also put his personal sex life on parade, with daniels’ lawyer bringing in woman after woman to claim he did the same with them.  And since Trump ain’t what you’d call a celibate, my guess is that there are plenty to choose from.

But what about mainstream media?  They’re not going on trial for pointing out what daniels did – which, from the looks of it, is as classic a definition of blackmail as you’re likely to find.  So where are they?

Oh, wait.  Doing so would discredit daniels and therefore benefit Trump, wouldn’t it?

Ahhh, now I think I’ve got it.  Never mind.


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