Did the corrupt criminal enterprise that is the Obama administration improperly collude with Hillary Clinton’s campaign (which, criminally, has the potential to leave Obama & Co. in the dust)?

Excerpted from Chuck Ross’s article at

The State Department tipped the Hillary Clinton campaign off last year that a New York Times reporter was asking questions about Clinton’s emails.

The revelation undermines the State Department’s claims that it has not worked to help Clinton during the ongoing email scandal.

“State just called to tell me that Mike Schmidt seems to have what appear to be summaries of some of the exchanges in the 300 emails the committee has,” Nick Merrill wrote in a March 14, 2015 email.

Schmidt is the Times reporter who broke the news that Clinton used a private email account as secretary of state.

Every day, it seems, the emails being released by Wikileaks are exposing more  and more of this kind of material.

While what Wikileaks is doing  – hacking personal accounts and making their contents public – is dead wrong and more than a little unsettling….

….that doesn’t change the content of what they find, and it doesn’t change the fact that, if Democrats had not been engaging in these activities, there would not have been anything to find.

Little wonder that they fear an FBI investigation – a real one – into what is on the electronic devices that Hillary’s closest confidant, Huma Abedin,  shared with Anthony Weiner.

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