Huma Abedin, who recently became estranged from her husband, Anthony Weiner, after 6 years of marriage, apparently has also become estranged from Hillary Clinton, who has been umbilically attached to her for 20 years.

The campaign plane carrying Hillary Clinton to Florida today?  Huma was not on it, and was nowhere to be seen.

If she’s not with Hillary, and she’s not with Anthony, where is she.

Maybe she went back to her sweet, loving mom – who, since 1993, has run the shari’a-friendly Journal Of Muslim Minority Affairs…which daughter Huma was the associate editor of for 12 of those years (from 1996 to 2008).

Who knows where she is?  All we do know is that, suddenly, it isn’t with Hillary.

Maybe she’s hunkering down with Scott Foval and Robert Creamer.  They’re persona non Clinton also.

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