By now, you no doubt have heard about the alleged racial incident in a Philadelphia Starbucks.

To summarize:  two Black men entered the Starbucks and sat down.  They asked to use the bathroom and were told that Starbucks only allows customers who buy something to use their bathrooms.  The men declined to buy anything and  sat down again – thus making it clear they were not going to be customers.  Starbucks employees called the police.  The police arrived and asked them to leave.  The men refused to do so.  The officers then arrested them and led them out of the store.

Once they were out of the store, the Starbucks location declined to press any charges and the two men were released.

Now, a Philadelphia police commissioner has made a statement defending the officers’ actions.

You can see both the video of them being arrested and the commissioner’s statement in this Philadelphia Inquirer article.

-The arrest video shows the two men being walked out in handcuffs, not resisting arrest, while another patron questions why they were being arrested, stating they didn’t do anything wrong.

-The police video attempts to explain why the officers acted as they did.

A lot has been written and said about the incident, much of it racial in nature.

The purpose of this blog is not to take sides, one way or the other.  It is to present both sides so that you have all the tools to make up your own mind.

The rest is up to you.


  • its crazy how this stupid situation has grown. 8,000 stores closing for racial training.

    Tell black customers…

    *Tell Latissha we don’t take food stamps.

    * Tell suqatash we don’t understand ebonics, please speak English.

    * Please don”t rob us!

    * Please don’t rape us!

    * Jamall, pull your pants up.

    * Lamar, no drug use in store.

    * Please don’t b violent!

    * We don’t babysit your “.” Be a parent and watch them and not your $400 phone.

    * No hoodies up…plus, its freakin warm, you look more like a dunce.

    * Please don’t be loud or swear.

    * We don’t care you are obsessed with sneaker

    * Please act civil or at least like a human.

    * Please don’t get high or sell drugs in the store.

    * Your not special,, privileged and .Americans should not have to take care of 85% of the black population with food stamps, free housing, money, phones and medical. yes blacks were slaves long ago…get over it!

    * Dress and act normal and maybe there won’t be any issues. Don’t act like wild animals wearing cheap jewelery and loud clothes.

    * if its that bad and your tramitized by a statue of a civil war veteran, go back to Africa, live in a hut and starve. Please!!

    * And if you are going to stay, your an American, you live in America…cut the African American’ bullshit. People don’t say I’m German America or French American.

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