First, one side of an imaginary discussion about the Charlottesville riot:

President Trump is a racist and a nazi sympathizer – maybe even an outright nazi.  Right?

I mean he must be, since he said all those nice things about the racists and nazis in Charlottesville two weeks ago, didn’t he?

Uh…what’s that? He didn’t say anything nice about them?  Well, yeah, but only after he said there were many fine people among them, right?

Uh…what’s that?  He specifically excluded nazis and racists from the people he was talking about, and only used the term “many fine people” for people (whether or not they actually existed) who were not racists and nazis?  If you read his exact words, they clearly show his meaning to be that there were people of good will both in favor of and against taking down the Robert E. Lee statue – which was the issue precipitating what happened there in the first place?

OK, so maybe he really didn’t say anything that terrible at all.  What of it?

And now, here is part of the “what of it”, via the first two paragraphs of Alex Isenstadt’s article for (the bold print is mine):

 The Republican National Committee on Friday unanimously approved a resolution condemning Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan, a move that comes just two weeks after President Donald Trump was widely criticized for going easy on white supremacist groups involved in the Charlottesville, Virginia, protests.

Some GOP officials privately scoffed at the idea that the party felt the need to officially condemn the KKK in 2017. But the move by the GOP’s official political arm — signed off on by the White House ahead of time — underscores the level of concern within the party over Trump’s comments on the protests and the impact they could have on the party heading into the 2018 midterm election.

What is my problem with this?  If you don’t already have the answer, I suggest you re-read the beginning of this blog very carefully.

Fact time:  President Trump, whatever you think about him and regardless of why you think it, did not have a good thing to say about either White supremacists and neo-nazis in Charlottesville.  Period.  

The closest media can come to “finding” any is if they take the “very fine people” comment in a vacuum, and ignore the fact that Mr. Trump specifically excluded racists and nazis.

Is this my pro-Trump imagination at work?  Am I misremembering what he said because I root for him so hard?

Well, since I neither supported nor voted for Donald Trump*, I think it’s fair to say the pro-Trump thingie is off the table.

And regarding my memory, let’s not even use it; let’s just look at what he said…but not in a vacuum, in context:

“You had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists.  The press has treated them absolutely unfairly.  You also had some very fine people on both sides.”

That clear enough for you?  Anyone still want to tell me that the “very fine people” he was talking about included racists and nazis?

But, even two weeks later, media coverage of what Mr. Trump said still suggests he meant those words sympathetically.  Up to and including the Isenstadt article referenced above.

And, most incredibly of all, these people still wonder why fewer and fewer people trust them.


*Despite the fact that I opposed Trump, and have had numerous negative things to say about him since the election, I also find myself, more and more, defending him against the lies and distortions most mainstream media have no problem pumping out day after day.

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  • The press conference where he made the statement, which I watched because I don’t trust the media to tell the truth, had some dingbat journalist ask him specifically if he was talking about nazis and white supremacists right after he said it. He told her absolutely not!!!
    I personally couldn’t believe anyone who was listening would have thought he meant those groups.
    This whole thing is just more of the same. No matter what the man says the media and the left lie and obfuscate.

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