I think I\’m going to start a new series:  “He/She Can Cancel Out Your Vote”.  This one is reserved for people who make especially dumb comments – members of the low information, or no information, or wrong information, or make-it-up-as-you-go-along information crowd.

Let\’s kick it off with Lizz Winstead – who is living proof that people who are unpleasant, unfunny with farbissoner* pusses can successfully write comedy.

Ms. Winstead was on Joy Reid\’s show today, and was asked why she thought Wendy Davis is losing so badly in her race to become Governor of Texas. 

Winstead\’s answer:  “Y\’know, redistricting is redistricting”

Uh, Lizz……..y\’know………

If you\’re talking about a statewide race, redistricting has exactly nothing whatsoever to do with anything.  

Let me explain:  statewide, there is one district in Texas.  It is called Texas. There are no votes by boundaries within the state. They just count up the votes, no matter what part of Texas they come from, and whoever has more of them wins.  Got it?

But Lizz Winstead, “knowing” the effect of redistricting on a statewide election, gets as many votes as you or I do.  So she can cancel out the vote of someone who knows what he/she is talking about.



*For anyone who does not know, “farbissoner\’ is Yiddish for perpetually unhappy/miserable.

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