Terrific – if unsettling – editorial in yesterday\’s Investors Business Daily.

Please read it all, by clicking here

But let me give you a few highlights (or is that lowlights?):

HowMany Elections Will The Democrats Steal?

TheVirginia Voters Alliance (VVA) cross-checked jury duty forms withindividual voting records and found that hundreds of voters in thatone Maryland county cast votes after reporting they were noncitizens.

Basedon the number of these unqualified voters in Frederick County, it isestimated that up to 7% of Maryland\’s registered voters could beillegal immigrants, enough to swing elections.

…when the VVA cross-checked voter rolls in Virginiaand Maryland, it announced that it had turned up 44,000 peopleregistered to vote in both states at the same time. The group alsoidentified 31,000 dead voters via the Social SecurityAdministration\’s Death Master File.

Marylandhas also produced cases of “calibration error,” where aperson casting a vote sees in the voting summary the machines displaythat the vote has been counted for their candidate\’s opponent. InIllinois, when Illinois Republican state representative candidate JimMoynihan voted early, he was stunned to find the vote he had cast forhimself had been counted as a vote for his rival.

Inanother episode in downstate Illinois…Bobby Schilling,says he has received 20 reports from supporters who said that whenthey tried to cast votes for him, their votes were counted for hisopponent, incumbent Democratic congresswoman Cheri Bustos.

Kathy Szeliga, a GOP member ofMaryland\’s House of Delegates, told CBS Baltimore reporter MeghanMcCorkell that it happened to her.

“Ikept pushing the Republican guy\’s name and the machine kept goingbeep, beep, beep,” as it steadfastly refused to count her voteas cast.

Democratshave long pushed for voting ease at the expense of voting integrity,pushing measures from voting by mail, to Motor Voter laws, tosame-day registration, while opposing voter ID laws that requirepeople to show up on election day with proof that they are who theysay they are.

Theproblem of vote fraud does exist, but when all the errors seem tobenefit your political party, it\’s easy to turn a blind eye.

Non-existent voter fraud. There sure is a lot of it.

And, as the folks at IBD say (along with me in a number of previous blogs), all the errors seems to benefit one political party.  Which – suhr-prahz, suhr-prahz – is the party pushing hard to make fraud as easy as possible to accomplish.

Quite a coincidence, wouldn\’t you say?

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