How would you feel about an actor with three days\’ work under his belt getting a lifetime achievement award?

Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn\’t it?  But, then again, it was suppsed to.  I made that example up to be ridiculous.

Here, however, is a real example of someone getting an award.  See how you react to it.

Excerpted from Andrew Johnson\’s piece at

Hisfirst television show has only been on the air for three days, butRonan Farrowis already winning awards for his journalistic work. Reach the World,a global education group, will honorthe 26-year-old Farrowwith its annual CronkiteAward for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism.

Priorto the debut of his show, RonanFarrow Daily,on Monday, Farrow worked as an adviser to the State Departmentand with UNICEF, among other humanitarian efforts; he\’s contributedto various publications, including the WallStreet Journal,ForeignPolicy,and TheAtlantic.

Reportersattending the event have told not to ask Farrow any personalquestions, including about controversy surrounding his family.Farrow, the son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, has weighed in onrecent media frenzies, suggesting his father could “possibly” beFrank Sinatra and lending support to his sister\’s accusations thatAllen sexually abused her at a young age.

My heartiest congratulations to Mr. Farrow.  After a few “contributions”, and just three days on a cable network notorious for presenting hardline one-dimensional “news”, he has copped an award named for one of the most iconic journalists in history.

Wow.  This is big.  If I were Ronan Farrow, I\’d put that award right between the trophy for being in the little league finals and the plaque for winning the spelling bee.

Let\’s just say that either Ronan Farrow is one helluva journalist, or that “award” is one helluva joke.  I\’ll leave it for you to decide….but I\’m pretty sure you know where I stand on the subject.

Oh, one other thing:  Reporters have been told not to ask any personal questions of Farrow – specifically about his paternity (he is the son of Mia Farrow and either Woody Allen or maybe Frank Sinatra) and his sister\’s accusation that Woody Allen sexually abused her when she was 7 years old. 

Look, I understand those are potentially embarrassing questions.  But how do you get an award named after a journalist who was celebrated for ferreting out news, and refuse to discuss any news about yourself or your family?

I bet that if Walter Cronkite somehow were resurrected for one evening and attended this award presentation,  he would be asking about both…between either gales of laughter or indignant snorting over who was getting an award with his name on it.

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