It used to be a fetus – that is, a human baby developing in a woman\’s uterus. 

But – if the fetus is lucky – the amniotic sac has been injected it with a chemical solution – usually saline – to kill it.  Then, very often, a dilation and curettage (D&C) takes place, to dismember this once-living entity, so that its pieces and parts can more easily be removed from what would have been the birth canal.

If the fetus is not lucky, the chemical has not been used.  Saves money.

Now:  what should be done with all these pieces and parts – not so much of the ones that were in an early stage of development – not a lot to work with there – but the ones that were a lot further along.  You know, the nice big ones, with developed bodies, heads, hands and feet.

Well, it\’s winter and the hospital is cold……

Excerpted from Sarah Knapton\’s impossibly sickening article for London\’s Daily Telegraph:

Thousandsof bodies of aborted babies have been incinerated, along with other”medical waste” in a process that was used to help heat Britishhospitals, UK media has revealed. TheDaily Telegraphreports that more than 15,500 babies have been incinerated as”clinical waste” some of which have been used in “waste toenergy” schemes to generate power for the hospitals.

Thepractice was discovered by Channel 4\’s Dispatches investigativenews program, which found at least 10 NHS Trust hospitals have beenusing the remains of aborted and naturally miscarried children alongwith hospital rubbish. The Department of Health has issued animmediate halt to the practice and Health Minister Dr. Dan Poulterhas called it “totally unacceptable.”

NHS\’medical director has written to all NHS trusts to tell them thepractice must stop and Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies, haswritten to the Human Tissue Authority to “ask them make sure thatguidance is clear,” the Telegraphreports.

Immediate halt?  “Totally unacceptable”?  The practice must stop?

Why?  It\’s not like it\’s a baby, is it?

Just think of the birth canal as a garbage chute.  Then it all becomes very easy.  Oh, and send down a few more; the temperature is dropping.

I do not care what your views on abortion are:  if you consider yourself a human being, and this story does not sicken you to your core, then recheck your status.  There is a good chance that you are in error.

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