Apropos of nothing political, a few random musings:

-The fact that we are on a no-call list no longer seems to matter.  We get multiple telemarketing calls every day.

-Ditto for the outlook express “junk mail” options, which supposedly enable us to get rid of unwanted emails.  One, in particular – zoosk (which apparently is a dating service of some kind) is on my screen every day, offering me ten matches.  Unfortunately my “match” would be an out of shape 68 year old woman.  It occurs to me that, probably, very few people who go on dating sites would particularly want to make a connection with someone like themselves.  I know I wouldn\’t.

-If you want really good shrimp, do what my wife taught me:  steam them – with some peppercorns and half a lemon in the water.  They come out crunchy and tasty every time.  Nothing worse than a limp shrimp. Except, of course, a limp….er, never mind.

-We got Zep stainless steel appliance polish yesterday, and used it on our refrigerator, dish washer and oven.  Damned if they don\’t look like new.  But I can\’t say I\’m surprised, because every Zep product I have ever bought has been of superior quality – and they don\’t cost any more than the usual run of far lower-quality alternatives.

-When it comes to quick, inexpensive, high quality meals, there are few better places than Wegman\’s.  They have full meals (main dish plus two sides) costing $6, $8 and $10, that not only are delicious, but have so much food that I can\’t finish them (which is saying something for this big-eating boy).  My personal favorite of this genre is the tilapia ($6) with butternut squash and grilled veggies….or the brussel sprouts, which they don\’t have all the time, but are great (though my wife is less than thrilled with their inevitable result later in the evening).  Then there are the $5  and $6 free-standing (no sides) entrees – one better than the next.  And if you have the time to cook rather than just heat up, there is a turkey meat loaf, seasoned deliciously (they use sage, which adds terrific taste to it) weighing over a pound, for just $6.  Bake for 45 minutes and you\’ll be very, very happy with the result. 

Ok, enough of this.  Back to politics….where the pre-election telemarketing is relentless, more than a few participants are shrimps (I am not talking physical size), too few have any polish, and all too frequently the practitioners are expensive and low-quality rather than the other way around.

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