In case anyone still wonders why President Trump has a problem with our mainstream media…

…this chart, compiled by the Media Research Center – a conservative outlet (who else is going to compile such a chart), shows just how skewed against Mr. Trump the network news shows really are:

Remember when incoming presidents had what was called a “Honeymoon Period”, when coverage was generally positive, to give him the benefit of the doubt?  It shouldn’t be hard, because just about every president in my lifetime, to varying degrees had one.

But Trump?  These people have hated his guts from the time he started running.  And when he did not cower before them, but, instead, directly called them out for their coverage, the die was cast.

Instead of the mostly negative coverage Republicans usually get, mainstgream media have gone to war against Trump.

And enough of their attacks have been either fraudulent (whatever happened to all those women who claimed Trump molested/groped them, once the stories were written and they had to provide evidence of some kind), or just ridiculous (how Kellyanne Conway sits on a couch, for example), so that the public, I suspect, increasingly trusts Trump – himself no stranger to lies and exaggerations – more than media.

Simply put, Donald Trump, like him or not, is trying to run the country.  Mainstream media, in concert with Democrats and entities to the left of Democrats (harder and harder to find), are trying to take him down.

I don’t see a good ending here, do you?  I don’t see shaking of hands and declarations of a moratorium on hostilities.

In what way does this benefit the country?  If you find one, let me know.

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