President Obama must – must – act against Russia.  And I mean right now,. 

Not by making threats, which putin will ignore because he has no respect for President Obama and will assume they will never be acted on. but action.  Immediate, decisive action.

What President Obama does now may well shape the rest of his presidency and the way he will be viewed by future generations.

If all he does is make threats, or implement a few sanctions that appear significant on the surface but don\’t actually change anything, it will be “round up the usual suspects” time, and putin will laugh him off.

If he mobilizes our allies, very much including our European allies, and leads a united front with specific, significant sanctions that will truly damage Russia, with the understanding that they can only be ended by Russia pulling out of the Ukraine and demonstrating in some tangible way that it will no longer pursue this war either directly or through the Ukrainian separatists, putin will be forced to cut his stonewalling, his lying, his general BS, and deal with the situation. 

I wrote the above words on Friday.

Today, I read this, excerpted from Ezra Levant\’s commentary in the Toronto Sun….:

Obamadidn\’t call an emergency meeting of his national security team. Hedidn\’t assemble his joint chiefs of staff in the White Housesituation room.

No,he flew to Delaware to go to a photo-op at the Charcoal Pit diner. Hegave a campaign speech. By this time, the cause of the plane crashwas known. But Obama said merely, “it looks like it may be aterrible tragedy.”

Maybe? A tragedy? He didn\’t know yet if it was a tragedy? And atragedy – not an act of terrorism or a war crime? Just a tragedy -like a tragic accident?

And,after that bloodless, token comment, he continued his campaignspeech, joking, laughing.

In1983, when the Soviets shot down a Korean Air Lines flight – with alower death toll – Ronald Reagan called it an international crisis,a crime against humanity. He made a grave, televised presentation tothe country, from the Oval Office. America made an emergencypresentation to the UN showing intercepted communications from Sovietcommanders ordering the murder. He continued the ban on the Sovietairline, Aeroflot, from landing in the United States. He didn\’tdeclare war on the Soviets. But he did everything diplomatically andpolitical possible, short of attacking.

Americashowed more determination. America\’s response strengthened the freewest, and gave hope to everyone that even small countries like SouthKorea had a great friend in America.

ButObama went to the Charcoal Pit.

Asmore facts came in and more news came in, Obama still didn\’tdeviate from his campaign-style day. He flew to New York for two morebig-ticket fundraising dinners. Priorities, you see.

….and this excerpt from the London Daily Mail\’s Clark S. Judge:

Ata political event in Wilmington, Delaware, on Thursday, PresidentObama devoted only 40 seconds to the shooting down of the Malaysianairline, his first statement to the world following the news.

Hisemotionless reference to the attack as \’a terrible tragedy\’seemed disconnected from the horrific moment, particularly as heimmediately reverted to script to praise his administration andcriticise Republicans.

Itwas a far cry from President Reagan\’s 1983 fierce denunciation ofthe Soviet shooting down of a Korean airliner as a \’crime againsthumanity\’.

Butit only confirmed the chaos into which US foreign policy hasdescended since the summer of 2012 when reporters at a White Housebriefing asked Mr Obama about the security of chemical weapons in theSyrian stockpile.

Thecommander in chief went beyond safety and said: \’We have been veryclear to the Assad regime … that a red line for us is [when] westart seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or beingutilised.\’

Theterm \’red line\’ is the kind of clear, emphatic language majorpowers use only when they are prepared to back words with action.

Alittle over a year later, the Assad regime utilised chemical weaponsagainst its own people.

Thenumber of blunders that the President and his administrationcommitted in the \’red line\’ affair is hard to fathom.

That is how President Obama is handling this crisis. That is how he is “stepping up to the plate”.

And Toronto and London is where I had to go to read the simple, obvious truths about his non-existence as a world leader.  Not in the New York Times or Washington Post, or LA Times or….well, you get the picture.

I count the seconds until Barack Obama is out of office. And lament the fact that his Accomplice Media will remain in place.

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