Do Palestinian Arabs want a “two state solution” – i.e. the “solution” that the United States, and most of the rest of the world, are demanding that Israel (not Palestinian Arabs, just Israel) work hard, and make sacrifices, to achieve?

I would hope that most people realize the Palestinian Arab government – which is now entirely under the thumb of hamas, a terrorist organization committed in writing to the destruction of Israel in its entirety and the killing of all Jews both in and out of Israel – does not.  Though I realize that many people do not have a clue that this is so, I try to hope anyway.

I would also hope that most people realize the majority of Palestinian Arab people are just as committed to the destruction of Israel in its entirety (I\’m not as sure about them wanting every Jew dead though I certainly recognize it as a strong likelihood).

But in case there is any lingering doubt, please read the latest poll of Palestinian Arabs, as reported in David Pollock\’s article for the Washington Institute.  You will find that, assuming its data are correct, 60% of Palestinian Arabs want not a two state solution but all of Israel – every square inch of itClick here and see for yourself. 

They don\’t want a two-state solution benefitting Palestinian Arabs and Israel.  They want a one-state solution eradicating Israel.

So when the Obama administration and a majority of the world (keeping in mind that Muslim states outnumber Jewish states by almost 60 to 1, and most of the rest rely on them for oil – not what you\’d call an evenly matched situation) demand that Israel go another extra mile – as it has done ongoingly since winning the 1967 war – so that Palestinian Arabs will happily agree to peaceful co-existence with the Jewish state, maybe a basic reality check is in order.

You cannot peacefully co-exist with people who deny your right to exist.  Woeful as its foreign policy has been over the past 5 1/2 years, even the Obama administration should be able to figure that one out.

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