Is this a country of laws anymore? Or is the law what Attorney General, eric holder unilaterally decides it is?

Anyone who reads this blog knows how completely I am committed to equal rights regardless of sexual orientation. But it has to be within the law.  And now, with same-sex marriage, as with so many other things, the Obama administration is ignoring the law and doing whatever the hell it feels like.

Excerpted from today\’s article at foxnews.com:

AttorneyGeneral Eric Holder has given the nod to his state counterparts thatthey do not have to defend laws against constitutional courtchallenges if they consider them discriminatory — effectively givingthe green light for states to stop defending bans on gay marriage.

Holderaddressed the issue during a gathering of state attorneys general onTuesday, after detailing his position in a New York Times interview

Speakingto the National Association of Attorneys General, Holder said thatany decision not to defend individual laws in court must be”exceedingly rare” and reserved for “exceptionalcircumstances.” He indicated that legal challenges to gaymarriage bans would qualify as such a circumstance. 

“Ingeneral, I believe that we must be suspicious of legalclassifications based solely on sexual orientation,” he said. 

Funny thing:  Until President Obama – a supporter of the Defense Of Marriage Act for years and years – had a sudden epiphany…just months before his re-election campaign…he had no problem with these laws.  And neither did eric holder. 

Let me say this as plainly as I know how:  the Attorney General of the United States takes an oath to uphold the laws of the land.  When he openly advocates ignoring those laws he is not just abdicating his duty, he is breaking his own sworn oath.

There are a dozen good reasons to remove this disgraceful toady from office.  And his statement about same-sex marriage is right at the top of the list.

My personal belief is that we should work to change the laws banning same-sex marriage; that they should not exist. 

But I cannot, and will not, abide the Attorney General of the United States telling us to ignore those laws.  Because, however salutary you, or I, may think the result of doing so is, if the government ignores one set of laws today, it can ignore other sets of laws tomorrow – maybe laws that we don\’t think should be ignored.  If it was OK with us this time, we don\’t have any say about the next time.

And, as sickened as I am by this, I am even further sickened by the expectation – based on years of experience with mainstream media\’s treatment of the increasingly dissolute Obama administration – that they will minimize holder\’s action or ignore it altogether.

I\’ll be checking the news tonight – hoping against hope that, this time, I am wrong.  I hope I am.  But I don\’t expect to be.

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