It is 12:15PM, Thursday, April 2. As of this moment, here is the first sentence of\’s entry for CNN\’s President, Jeff Zucker:

Here is the first sentence of\’s entry for CNN\’s President, Jeff Zucker:

Jeffrey Adam “Jeff” Zucker[2] (born April 9, 1965) is the current zionist president of CNN Worldwide. He previously served as the President and CEO of NBC Universal

I have a feeling this disgusting attempt to marginalize Zucker based on his Jewish ancestry will soon be gone.  But why was it there in the first place?  How was it allowed for even one moment?

This fits in neatly with the attacks on Jews,  often under the guise of attacks on Israel, that we are seeing from the left – especially on college campuses – throughout the country. 

Is it open season on Jews?  You tell me.

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