Here is the latest information about ObamaCare;  information which was released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia on August 21 – four days ago – but, somehow, virtually no mainstream media have reported.

In its August, 2014 Business Outlook Survey, the Philadelphia Fed asked this question:  “How, if at all, are you changing (or have you changed) any of the following because of the effects the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is having on your business?”

The key findings:

  -Number of people employed:  Lower 18.2%   Higher 3.0%

  -Proportion of workers who are part-time:  Lower 1.5%   Higher 18.2%

  -Prices we charge to our customers:  Lower 0.0%   Higher 28.8%

  -Our employee contribution to premiums is:   Lower 2.9%   Higher 88.2%

  -Deductibles are:   Lower 0.0%   Higher 91.2%

  -Out of pocket maximums are:   Lower 2.9%   Higher 76.5%

  -Copays are:   Lower 2.9%   Higher 64.7%

  -The range of maximum coverage is:   Lower 41.2%   Higher 2.9%

  -The size/breadth of the network is:  Lower 26.5%   Higher 0.0%

Remember:  these findings are not from some right-wing cooked-up political poll.  They are not part of some twisted, partisan analysis of findings. 

They are straight from the Business Outlook Study conducted by the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Why are these data not major news on every network news show?  Front page material for every newspaper?

Do you doubt for one second that they would be reported more prominently if the news were as positive as it is negative?

I frequently characterize much of what passes for mainstream media these days as Barack Obama\’s Accomplice Media. This is a sterling example of why.

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