Memo to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and other Democrats (if any exist) who still assure us – in public, at least – that their candidates will proudly run on ObamaCare this year.

The latest Associated Press/Gesellschaft fur Konsumforschung poll (more commonly known as the AP/GfK poll)  has just come out.  Its findings are notable because AP/GfK makes it easy to look at the key findings not just from the current interviewing (conducted from March 20 to 24) but previous waves as well – such as, for example, the one conducted from January 17 to 21. 

As you no doubt are aware, in the past two months, Obama & Co. – with enormous help from its Accomplice Media – have gushed out wondrous news of how well ObamaCare is going.  All those new sign-ups, all those happy folks getting so much more insurance for so much less money….and nary a bad word to be said about any of it from anyone..other than some lying people with their phony horror stories, and the lying Republicans who are sullying ObamCare by talking about them (just ask Harry Reid).

So now we have the big question:  after over two months of media telling us of ObamaCare\’s great progress, great results, etc. etc. etc…..is the public buying?

Let\’s  check the AP/GfK poll and see:

-Approval/Disapproval of how President Obama is handling health care:  January – Approve 40%, Disapprove 58%.    March -:  Approve 38%, Disapprove 61%. 

-Which party is trusted to do a better job on health care:  January – Democrats 32%, Republicans 22%.  March – Democrats 30%, Republicans 26%.

-Support or Oppose the health care legislation:  January – Support 27%, Oppose 42%.  March – Support 26%, Oppose 43%.

-The health care insurance markets opened October, 2013.  How has the opening gone?  January – Extremely/Very Well 4%, Somewhat Well 17%, Not Too/Not At All Well 66%.  March – Extremely/Very Well 5%, Somewhat Well 21%, Not Too/Not At All Well 62%

So what have we got here?

What we\’ve got is that, despite over two months of a large media segment trying, with increasing desperation, to pump ObamaCare up….

-Approval for ObamaCare has not not gone up, it has dropped,

-Democrats have gone from being 10% more trusted to handle health care than Republicans, to 4%,

-Support for the overall legislation, which was lousy in January, is just as lousy now, and

-Despite two months of being told that the catastrophic web site rollout was over and things were just fine, there still are more than 12 times as many people (62%) who feel it is going badly than there are people (5%) who feel it is going well.

Will Democrats proudly run on legislation with those numbers?

Well, some will. Democrats in safe races – say, Nancy Pelosi, or Jerrold Nadler, or James Clyburn – will not hesitate to do so.  Why not; what\’s the difference? 

But Democrats in competitive races?  Do you expect them to feature ObamaCare in their campaigns?

Uh, Debbie…..

….I think maybe you want to reconsider your assurance.

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