Headline and beginning of an article at the CBS News website:

Trump extends his fight with former Miss Universe:

If Hillary Clinton was trying to bait Donald Trump on Monday night at Hofstra University by trying to launch a new feud based on his past inflammatory comments about women, it seems to have worked. Two days later, Trump is openly engaged in another war of words with someone outside the political arena — a former Miss Universe pageant winner from decades ago, Alicia Machado. Trump mocked her for gaining weight in the immediate aftermath of the pageant, calling her “an eating machine” on Howard Stern’s radio show.


On Wednesday night, Trump unloaded again on Machado in an interview with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on “The O’Reilly Factor.” O’Reilly asked if Trump had anything further to say about the Miss Universe story, which, over the last two days, has drawn attention to Trump’s history of controversial comments about women.

“No, not much,” Trump said. But it turned out that Trump had plenty to say in his own defense.


And it goes on from there.

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of CBS’s BS, let’s talk real:

Hillary Clinton dredged up Alicia Machada during the debate.

Media, taking its cue from Ms. Clinton, have spent days talking about her as if what Trump may or may not have said to her in 1997 meant anything at all to anyone except the Hillary Campaign.

(By comparison, there was an explosive day of testimony by FBI Director James Comey about the email scandal – which neither CBS nor NBC and ABC said a word about on last night’s news shows. )

So finally, because the fact that it was being covered, Trump talked about it.

And then we get this headline and story from CBS – which suggests that Trump is keeping the Machado story alive on his own.

The title of this blog is “Not Even The Pretense Of Neutrality Anymore”.

Truer words were never written.

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