As you probably know, crime in Baltimore – most specifically violent crime – is jumping through the roof.   

Police, whom Mayor Rawlings-Blake and State\’s Attorney mosby seem to think of as a problem rather than a solution, are apparently backing off situations where there could be any possibility that, in the normal course of usual police work, they would be blamed for some kind of wrongdoing and maybe even charged with a crime. 

The result is a huge spike in murder – currently running at a 15 year high, with 35 homicides so far in May alone…and, presumably, a similar spike in other crime statistics as well.   Just this past Memorial Day weekend there were 28 shootings and  9 dead.

But don\’t think Baltimore is the only one.

New York City, under hard-left Mayor Bill de Blasio – who, with his formerly worthwhile police commissioner William Bratton, allowed “protesters” to march through the streets chanting “What do we want”  “Dead cops”  “When do we want them?”  “Now” – is having its own murder/violent crime resurgence

In March, the The New York Daily News reported that murders were up 15% over 2014.  Yesterday, The New York Post reported that murder in Manhattan is up 45% (that should do wonders for the tourist trade…).

The moral of this story is that by suppressing cops you encourage thugs.  

Hello, Baltimore.  Hello, New York City?  Anyone listening?

Oh, one other thing:  since the vast majority of victims are Black, when do Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake and New York Mayor de Blasio apologize to the decent, law-abiding Black citizens who have been put so much further in danger?  Or are the street thugs and their enablers more important?  More valuable?  More deserving of concern?


UPDATE:  Add Saint Louis to the list…as explained by John Hinderaker of  I will be writing more about what he has to say in a subsequent blog.

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