Just a quick blog to point out another of the seemingly countless lies Barack Obama is telling about ObamaCare.

This one is the thoroughly bogus claim that young people can get coverage for the same per-month cost as a cellphone – which Mr. Obama said during his pathetic, and not even close to being funny, video with “comedian” (maybe to you) Zack Galafianakis.

His exact quote: 

“HealthCare.govworks great now. (NOTE:  this is another lie).  And millions of Americans have already gottenhealth insurance plans, and what we want is for people to know thatyou can get affordablehealth care.  And most young Americans right now, they\’re notcovered.  Andthe truth is that they can get coverage all for what it costsyou to pay your cell phone bill”

That lays things out very clearly. 

Except….\’s Giuseppe Macri crunched the actual numbers and….please do not tell me this surprises you…it doesn\’t even come close:

For comparison\’s sake, we\’ll define an average middle-of-the-road plan as consisting of a smartphone, two-year upgrade, unlimited calls, unlimited texts and an average of two gigs of downloadable Internet data per month.

Discountingtaxesnationwide, thatplan costs about $90 on Verizon, $80 on AT&T, $70 on Sprint,and $60 on T-Mobile every month. Both Sprint and T-Mobile offer thesame plans with unlimited monthly data for $80. All pricing isrelevant as of January 2014.

VerizonWireless and AT&T, with 96.2 and 72.6 million respective wirelesssubscribers, make up the vast majority of cellphone users in the U.S.

Ofthe Affordable Care Act\’s “bronze”, “silver” and “gold” coverage plans offered on the Washington, D.C. health insuranceexchange marketplace, the cheapest middle-of-the-road equivalentsilver plan is $181.01 per month, after subsidies, for the lowest agebracket, which covers 27-year-olds and under that make about $25,000annually.

Does Barack Obama ever tell the truth about anything?  Ever?

And – to anyone out there who still believes him – how many times does this man have to lie to your face before you get it?

Fool me once?  Shame on you.  Fool me twice?  Shame on me.

And fool me continually for five years, and counting?  I\’ll leave it for you to figure out the end of that one.

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