Let’s take these one at a time.

CNN:  Yesterday morning, Kellyanne Conway was interviewed on Chris Cuomo’s CNN Monday. The claim that James Comey’s October 28th letter about Hillary Clinton remaining under investigation came up – which Ms. Clinton has claimed was a main cause of her losing to Donald Trump.

Conway shook her head no, and sarcastically commented:

“I saw Jim Comey last night and I said ‘this guy swung an election?’ I don’t think so.” 

Suddenly, the “chryon” (information crawl at the bottom of the screen) said, in capital letters, to indicate it was a big deal:


That is the exact opposite of what Ms. Conway clearly was communicating.  In other words a lie, right in CNN viewers’ faces.

New York Times:  Yesterday, it was all over the media that Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity was a client of Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen.  If true, it would clearly compromise Mr. Hannity’s reporting of the Trump/Cohen relationship.

But Hannity claims he has never been a client of Cohen’s, never retained him on any legal matter or paid him a penny in fees.  Hannity claims his only involvement with Cohen was occasionally asking him in passing about legal matters – not as a client but as a friend (something most of us do with friends who have expertise in one area or another).

Is Hannity being truthful?  I can’t prove it one way or another.  But neither can anyone else.

So what is the New York Times’ front page headline this morning?

Gasps in Courtroom as Hannity Is Named as Cohen’s Secret Client

And in case there was any doubt about it’s being factual, after making this claim in the body of the article, the next sentence begins:

“That revelation nudged the conservative commentator into the orbit of those who have lately come under legal scrutiny…”

Not an alleged revelation.  A revelation – i.e. it is a fact.

The only indication that this is not fact, that Hannity denies it, is buried on the jump page – A17 – in a single sentence.  How many readers would even get there, let alone see it as equivalent to that headline and first-page “revelation” comment?

And, of course, the article provides absolutely no evidence of any kind to prove Hannity is a client of Cohen’s.

There you have it, folks.  Fake News at its finest.

And these are the people who call themselves “journalists”?  Who bristle at the thought that their reportage is compromised?

Pathetic doesn’t even begin to to describe them.

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