I love this story

From an article at the Jewish Telegraphic

An Israeli technology firm has launched in Iceland what it says is the world’s first commercial food delivery route based entirely on unmanned aerial vehicles.

Flytrex has partnered in the Nordic country with the on-demand goods service AHA,  to provide the service in the capital of Reykjavík, the Icelandic firm announced Tuesday. AHA is Iceland’s largest online marketplace, according to CNBC.

In 2015, the Reykjavík City Council passed a motion endorsing a blanket boycott of Israel. Amid an outcry over the motion, its language was changed to indicate the boycott would apply only to products from Israeli settlements. It was the first European capital to pass a resolution supporting a boycott of Israel or of its settlements.

Lucky for Reykjavík it turned the BDS motion into an ABDS (Almost Boycott Divest Sanction).  Now they don’t have to lose out on one of the innovations which are developed in Israel, including scientific, technological and medical and agricultural advances for the betterment of all humankind – even the people who hate Israel and wish it would disappear.

Of course, if they want to be real BDS purists, they can just agree never to use such innovations.

Which ones?  Well, here’s a list of 45 that might provide a bit of information in that regard.

Somehow I doubt Iceland, or any other country, will be turning them, or the countless others, down any time soon.

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