German Chancellor Angela Merkel is, at least as I write this, sticking to her guns about flooding the country with migrants (NOT “refugees”) from places like Syria and Libya.

And now the German people, seeing their country transformed right before their eyes, into a place they do not want to be, are rising up against it.

Thousands marched yesterday in Berlin, chanting “Merkel must go”.

Then we have this quote from Horst Seehofer, State Premier of Bavaria, where the effects of this flood have been especially negative:

“‘We can do this’ – I cannot, with the best will, adopt this phrase as my own,” 

“The problem is too big for that and the attempts at a solution thus far too unsatisfactory.  Restrictions on immigration are a condition for security in this country.”

Keep in mind that Seehofer is…or, at any rate, used to be…an ally of Ms. Merkel’s.

I’m certainly no expert on German politics.  But if I were betting, my money would be on the Merkel administration’s days being numbered.  And I would also be betting that a very large number of Germans…with that number increasing daily…are fearful her departure is already too late.

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