The three questions that have to be answered regarding Joe Lieberman – the former Connecticut Senator, Vice Presidential candidate – and, though nominally Democrat, one of the few true bipartisans out there – who is seriously being considered as the new FBI director:

Is this for real/might he actually be offered the job?

Would he be a good choice?

Would he take the job if it were offered?

Let’s take them on at a time:

President Trump told media, this afternoon, that Lieberman was one of the finalists.

I don’t know if he would be a good choice.  He has no history in law enforcement.  But, on the other hand, he is as straight a shooter as there is; his integrity is off the charts.  And maybe we need that more than anything else.

Presumably he of course would take the job?  If not, why did he take the meeting?

My reaction?  Not 100% in favor – again there is that huge issue of him having no law enforcement experience.  But I doubt you can find a better human being, a more capable person, or a person with more integrity.

It wouldn’t trouble me a bit if he were President Trump’s pick.

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