Lucky for leland yee that he didn\’t close a couple of lanes on the Golden Gate Bridge.

But even luckier that he is a Democrat, rather than a Republican.

Here are the first four paragraphs from John Cote\’s article in the San Francisco Chronicle.  Not from any source of national mainstream media….for reasons I suspect you already have guessed, but which I will go into further on:

Asstate Sen. LelandYee aggressively campaigned in the 2011 San Francisco mayor\’srace, he blasted interim Mayor Ed Lee as beholden to City Hall powerbrokers with “selfish interests” and vowed to “throwthem out” if elected.

Atthe same time, Yee was allegedly soliciting $10,000 from anundercover FBI agent posing as a real estate developer who hadalready illegally funneled $11,000 to Yee\’s campaign, telling theagent to “cover your tracks,” and boasting that “there\’stremendous opportunity in local levels … because whoever\’s gonna bethe mayor controls everything.”

Siftingthrough the layers of alleged criminality in a years-long FBI probethat ensnared Yee, notorious Chinatown gangster Raymond “ShrimpBoy” Chow and 24 others last week, the picture that emerges ofYee in a 137-page FBI affidavit is not the sleeves-rolled-up,65-year-old Democrat with a knack for retail politics thatYee projected.

Instead,it\’s of a man driven by money who was willing to skirt campaignfinance laws, collect cash for meetings, trade political favors fordonations, and even promise to facilitate an international arms dealworth up to $2.5 million. Now, a Chronicle review of his votes andcampaign donations shows that money might have influenced many of hisvotes in the Legislature, too.

Assuming these allegations are true – and it looks air-tight to me – leland yee is a lying scumbag of the first order.  Read the entire article and you find that, among many other criminal activities, yee talked about gun control while happily taking as much money as he could get to get them into the hands of people no decent person would want armed.

Remember:  leland yee is a California State Senator who ran for Mayor of San Francisco.  So this is big news, right?


I just googled his name and reviewed the first three pages.  Other than a three-day old article from ABC News, I found nothing in national mainstream media.  Not NBC.  Not CBS.  Not the New York Times.  Not the Washington Post.  Not the Chicago Tribune.

By contrast, I googled the name “Chris Christie” – you know, the New Jersey Governor who might have known about lane closings at the George Washington Bridge over a half year ago (September 9 – 12).  No payoffs, no arms deals, just the possibility – no evidence to prove it, mind you – that he might have known about lane closings.  And on the first page I found the New York Times, Washington Post, politico.com, huffingtonpost.com, ABC news and Fox News.

Notice a difference?

I talk a lot about media bias in here.  This is why.

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