It has been almost 5 months since Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson, and almost a month since Eric Garner died after being taken down by several New York police officers, one of whom briefly (watch the video and see for yourself how long it was) had him in what appeared to be a chokehold.

The rioting, the looting, the burning, the general anarchy, the chants that police should die and the murder of two police by a career thug who told the world he was avenging Brown and Garner, have turned a most of the public – including, I suspect, a good number whose sympathies initially were with the protesters – away.  Like the “Occupy” movement before it, the actions of these left wing hate-filled “protesters” have turned public sentiment against them, and the movement they thought they could grow into a national phenomenon is instead experiencing a quick, painful death.

The most visible symbol of the protests, al sharpton, has become so much an object of public scorn and ridicule (it couldn\’t have happened to a nicer guy) that he has magically disappeared from the front lines.  Ditto for the most visible political symbol, protester-sympathetic New York Mayor bill de blasio, who now is engaged in as phony a love-fest for the NYPD as you will ever see.  No one believes him.

But tonight is a big night. Tonight is New Year\’s eve. This may be the last chance to keep what is left of the protest movement going in any meaningful form.  So you can assume that the people currently in charge (other than Sharpton, mostly unknown to most of us – can you name even one?), will try for something big.

Let\’s hope that as few people as possible are hurt by their efforts.

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