Sharyl Attkisson, the former CBS news correspondent who,despite her award-winning career there was booted out – presumably because she was to the right of the network’s general tenor (not very hard to be), has written a column giving 12 reasons why President Trump was right to fire James Comey.

It begins this way:

A lot of new information has come out in the year since President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. No matter whether you admire Trump, Comey, both or neither — it’s now difficult to argue that Trump made the wrong move in removing Comey. Even many of Trump’s detractors would agree that no president should keep in place the head of a crucial division who — along with some of his top staff — apparently worked to undermine or control the president, and exercised poor judgment in important matters. 

Here are 12 ways Comey has proven Trump was right to fire him.

You can use this link to read the 12 reasons enumerated by Ms. Attkisson, and come to your own conclusions about them – which I certainly hope you do.

Then ask yourself:  “If I were Donald Trump, and I knew this about James Comey, would I keep him around?”

I’m no mind-reader but, somehow, I think I know the answer.

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