Is Jordan a Palestinian Arab state?

That\’s a pretty important question.  Because if it is, then Palestinian Arabs who demand that they must have a homeland, already do.

Jordan\’s King Abdullah does not think his country is a Palestinian Arab homeland – at least not publicly.  Here is what he had to say about this subject just yesterday:

Jordanis Jordan and Palestine is Palestine and nothing but that, not the inthe past or the future.

“Weknow how this issue has been surfacing since 15 years, or even more,where things start in the spring by the same group, who tense theJordanian society, and by the summer, people feel scared; a thingthat makes me reassure them by a speech or a press interview, butthis year, unfortunately, the talk about the so-called alternativehomeland stated early.

“Thereare more important issues to focus on, especially with regards topolitical and economic reform. What we should do is to work as a teamuntil we work out our internal issues.

“This,God\’s willing, will be the last time we talk about this subject, andI have said it more than once, but what is required now is everyone\’ssupport in this issue.”

Is King Abdullah right? Is that the end of the issue?


See, the King has a bit of a problem.  History.

-In 1917, the British defeated the Turks,  thus ending their Ottoman Empire.

-The Ottomans had controlled Palestine for 400 years…and now it was non-sovereign land administered by the British.

-The British, while fighting the Turks, had made various conflicting promises to Arab groups regarding the land area of Palestine.  But once the war was over, it was decided that this small, mostly barren, parcel of the middle east should be a Jewish homeland.

-In 1922, the Palestine Mandate was drafted and presented to the League Of Nations (the United Nations\’ forerunner), which was to have established the entire land area of Palestine as a Jewish homeland.  But when Arabs – including Arabs with armies (e.g. King Abdullah\’s grandfather, also named Abdullah) raised a ruckus over it, Britain decided that the land east of the Jordan River (which is about 78% of the entire land area of Palestine) would be lopped off and called  “Transjordan”.   

-In 1946, Transjordan became a sovereign country and in 1948 – just about the same time Israel came into being – it changed its name to Jordan . 

-Abdullah ruled Jordan until his assassination in 1951 (at the hands of a Palestinian Arab, by the way). 

-Abdullah\’s son Hussein, became King and continued in that role until his death in 1999, after which the current ruler, King Abdullah, ascended to the throne.

Bottom line?  Jordan was cut entirely from the land area of Palestine.  It is, both population-wise and culturally, an Arab state. 

Let\’s see:  It is a Palestinian state and it is an Arab state.

If that doesn\’t make Jordan a Palestinian Arab state, I\’d love to know why.

Maybe King Abdullah can give me a call and explain this to me one day.  But I\’m not counting on it.

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