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The Associated Press will no longer employ Melanie Plenda, a leftist activist exposed by Breitbart News, after she was caught violating the news wire service’s editorial standards.

Plenda announced that the AP has terminated her effective immediately in an interview with the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple. Her termination comes as a Nov. 10, 2016, Facebook post she wrote—in which she pledged resistance to then-incoming President Donald J. Trump—was found to be in direct violation of the AP’s editorial standards.

Plenda snuck into a closed press New Hampshire GOP fundraiser featuring White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s successful campaign manager in 2016, in Nashua, New Hampshire. Her story about how she got into the event has changed multiple times, as Breitbart News has documented, and she demonstrably inaccurately reported on the event’s crowd size.

The AP, for several days, refused to correct the error until it faced public pressure on the matter. Late on Wednesday afternoon, the wire service issued a correction. That means the AP, after days of saying “AP stands by its reporting,” has completely changed direction by correcting the inaccuracies and terminating the perpetrator of those inaccuracies for violations of editorial standards.

To summarize:

Melanie Plenda is an anti-Trump activist who pledged – in public (i.e. on facebook) to resist Donald Trump.

The Associated Press (AP)- with full opportunity to see this and know about her pledge to do so, hired her to write about politics anyway.

And what, exactly did Plenda say in her facebook ranting, that the AP either claims it did not see or just plain chose to ignore?

From Randy Hall’s article at

That message read:

OK, no more crying from me. Now is the time for action. We need to remember this feeling, the pain in our hearts, the fire in our bellies, because we need it to fight.

Not with guns and fists but with protests, with our thoughtful words and reasoned arguments, with fact-checking and canvassing for midterm candidates and our votes for the same, for defending and supporting those targeted by our president-elect.

“We need to support the ACLU [the liberal American Civil Liberties Union], we need to run for office, we need to oppose legislation that seeks to hurt and further marginalize, we need to join advocacy groups, we need to not be silent,” Plenda continued.

“There are a lot of us — roughly more than half the country to be exact — who said Trump’s vision of the future is not what we want our country to be,” she added.

“We are not powerless,” Plenda continued. “We do not need to roll over or go back to sleep. We don’t need to be obstructionist just for the sake, but we do need to peacefully fight for what is right.”

She concluded by stating: “In that way we will preserve our system of checks and balances and take the teeth out of whatever Trump has planned for the country. Alright. Off I go.”

THIS is who the AP hires to provide news coverage of, among other things, the Trump administration???????

Who does the AP get its news about terrorism from?  osama bin laden’s family?

So Plenda, in exactly the same spirit displayed in her facebook pledge, snuck into a Republican event she was not credentialed for, and wrote what appears to be a fake news story regarding what happened there.

The story, not surprisingly, is challenged.

And instead of considering who wrote it and thinking logically about the prospects that she might have written fake news…

…and after the AP spends days standing by the story.

Only after the stench from this article became too great were they suddenly shamed into “correcting the inaccuracies” and canning her.

Wow.  What a wonderful show of integrity…if you happen to belong to the Joe Isuzu School of “Journalism”.

The Associated Press – right down there in the sewer with the New York Times and all too many other formerly credible news sources.

Too bad for them.  And too bad for us.

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