Ken Berwitz

Canned questions from friendly audiences.  The Hillary way.

David Martosko\’s article in London\’s Daily Mail is well worth reading.  But the teasers which precede his full article pretty much give you the complete story:

·  Nine-year-old Relic Reilly told Hillary Clinton that his mom, a preschool teacher, wascomplaining that she earned less than his dad, a software engineer

·  The father\’s social media postings include onethat asked whether a Republican member of Congress should be \’lynched\’

·  The mother\’s Twitter account describes takingRelic and his twin to an anti-Mitt Romney protest, with signs for them to hold,when they were 6

·  Clinton\’s campaign hasn\’t responded to aquestion about whether the pay equity question was staged but Twitter eruptedwith claims that it was 

·  Themom claims the question was all her son\’s idea but admits she talked with himabout what to ask

In other words, this is another example of a game I suspect both parties play, but Democrats seem to a great deal more than Republicans…and Hillary Clinton has turned into an art form:  get a big-time Hillary supporter to tee up a question she has rehearsed the answer to, so it comes across as just free-form brilliance from her tongue to the world\’s ears.

Just perfect for the low-information crowd and the unconditional Hillary supporters, who will happily believe she provided extemporaneous commentary.  Which makes her a fraud and them pathetic.

By the way, wasn\’t David Martosko, not so long ago, being barred from Hillary Clinton\’s events on the absolutely absurd grounds that he was not a credentialed reporter – with the real reason, of course, being that unlike so many of his counterparts in the US –  Mr. Martosko has no problem writing critically of her?  

There is a stench about Hillary Clinton\’s campaign that our wonderful “neutral” media are desperately trying to cover with journalistic Febreze.  I wonder how long they can keep spraying.

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