Is Hillary Clinton\’s nomination by the Democrat Party inevitable?

Excerpted from S. A. Miller\’s article for the Washington Times:

A top Democratic moneyman recruited by Hillary Rodham Clinton\’s presidential campaign has put fundraising activities on hold, saying he can\’t do it with a clear conscience because the former secretary of state has too many unanswered questions swirling around her.

New York businessman Jon Cooper, who Team Clinton enlisted for its elite corps of early fundraisers known as “HillStarters,” said that he decided not to tap his donor network for Mrs. Clinton because she hasn\’t provided enough answers about foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation while she ran the State Department, her exclusive use of private email for official business as America\’s top diplomat and her commitment to liberal priorities.

Mr. Cooper, who is openly gay and married to longtime partner Robert Cooper, said he was disappointed with how long it took Mrs. Clinton to support gay marriage as a constitutional right plus her reluctance to back a liberal economic agenda, including raising the federal minimum wage.

He hasn\’t ruled out eventually supporting Mrs. Clinton, especially if, as expected, she wins the Democratic presidential nomination. And the Clinton campaign likely will still benefit from a powerful fundraising operation, despite Mr. Cooper\’s early absence from the effort.

But Mr. Cooper\’s misgivings, and his willingness to make them public, underscores a growing angst in the upper echelon of the Democratic Party about the Clinton campaign.

He is among a growing chorus of party insiders calling for a credible challenger to enter the primary race against Mrs. Clinton, either to provide a viable liberal alternative or at least to test Mrs. Clinton in preparation for a general election contest.

“I\’m going to be supporting a Democrat. I just want it to be the strongest possible candidate,” he said.

What you just read underscores the problems, the enormous problems, facing Hillary Clinton\’s candidacy.

Jon Cooper – and how many other likeminded Democrat operatives – are turned off by how late (how insincere?  How opportunistic?) Ms. Clinton was to come out in support of gay rights, their view that her economic policies are too conservative, and the massive ethical issues regarding the Clinton Foundation and email scandals.

What is Hillary Clinton supposed to do about these problems? 

-She can\’t go back in time on the gay rights issue. 

-If she lurches left on economics she will certainly gain Democrat primary votes (much as a Republican lurching right gains them in his/her party), but will have a net loss in the general election.

-She may not be able to specifically address the Clinton Foundation and email scandals, because her actions in one or both of those areas, might (in my opinion, probably would) disqualify her for the Presidency.

Now:  what do you think the Jon Coopers of the world will do if a credible challenger on the left – say a Martin O\’Malley or (though less credible than O\’Malley) Elizabeth Warren – formally declares?  Stay with Hillary or go running to the alternative?

Hillary Clinton inevitable?  Believe me, she\’s evitable.

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