Alec Torres, of nationalreview.com, has written a piece detailing eleven incidents, in recent years, in which people claiming to have been the victims of hate crimes – racial and gay-bashing – have lied about what happened.  In most instances the accusers, either for personal gain, to make a political/ideological point, or just to cause trouble, were, in fact, the perpetrators.

I have no problem at all with Mr. Torres\’ piece.  These incidents took place, and the people responsible for them (possibly excepting the Oprah Winfrey incident, which is a she-said/she-said), acted like a bunch of mindless jerks.

What I do have a problem with, though, is the people (and there will be a good number of them) who read his piece and conclude that racial and sexual-orientation hatred is, for the most part, not really an issue anymore; it\’s just some kind of scam concocted by publicity-seekers and political ideologues.

They are dead wrong.

Hatred, based on race and sexual orientation, remains a pervasive part of our (and every other heterogeneous) society.  It is there.  It exists.  It happens every day. 

The fact that morons like the ones in Mr. Torres\’ article also exist (and you can bet there are tons more than just the 11 he cites), does not change this reality.

The bottom line?  Let\’s make sure never to treat these kinds of incidents as part of some generalized “truth”… that may not be a truth at all.  Let\’s look at them as the individual incidents that they are.

Fair enough?

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