Crime in Chicago is rampant

The murder rate is soaring.

Gun violence – despite the uber-strict gun controls (the ones which, the city’s politicians tell whichever naive suckers might believe them, will lessen gun crime)

The pension system is 14 billion – not million, but BILLION dollars in debt, with no way out.

So what did Chicago decide to spend money on?

Putting up a sculpture that says “Real Fake” in front of Trump tower – one of the most tax-productive businesses in the city – because it insults the President of the United States.  And then telling a smirk-worthy lie about why it is there.

The 5-foot-tall sculpture was place right in front of Trump Tower.

From Kin Jansen’s article in the Chicago Tribune:

It’s 5 foot tall, covered in gaudy gold paint and spells out the words “REAL FAKE” right in front of Trump Tower.

But don’t read anything into the city of Chicago’s decision to install artist Scott Reeder‘s provocative sculpture near the building most associated with President Donald Trump.

Any insult is entirely in the beholder’s eye, according to city spokeswoman Christine Carrino.

And if the location — at the intersection of Wabash Avenue and Wacker Drive, directly across the river from Trump Tower — happens to be in a prime spot for Trump-hating tourists and Chicagoans to snap a social media-friendly selfie, then “what’s wonderful about art is that it is completely open to interpretation,” Carrino added, coyly.

Forgetting how stupid, how childish, how moronic this is, and forgetting what a pathetic statement it makes about the politicians in one-party Democrat Chicago who have run this once-great city into the ground, I have a question:

When Chicago defaults on its pensions – which it is unavoidably going to do – and realizes the state of Illinois, currently at junk-bond status, can’t do a thing to help them, who are they going to ask for money?

Would it by any chance be the federal government – which is run by the guy they are openly, personally insulting with that stupid, childish, moronic sign?

Have Rahm Emanuel and his fellow diaper-wearers given even the slightest thought to this?

Has Chicago gone out of its collective mind?

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