Harry Reid, former Senate Majority Leader and now Minority Leader, has announced he will not seek re-election next year.

Mr. Reid claims it has nothing to do with either the injuries he received in an “excercise accident” on New Year’s day, or the fact that he is no longer Majority Leader.

I don’t know what his reasons truly are…but I suspect (and I mean this with no sarcasm whatsoever) that, whether due to Alzheimers or some form of dementia, he has significantly diminished mental capacities – something I have noticed and blogged about in the past.

I do not like Harry Reid and, if I were of a mind to, could write a great deal about why I feel this way.  But today is not the day.

I hope I’m wrong about my suspicions regarding Harry Reid’s mental state.  But if I’m right about the true reasons for his departure, I have nothing other than concern for his personal well-being and a wish for his mental health to be the best it can be for the longest period of time that is feasible.

I also wish (again, this is not meant sarcastically) that he would resign from the Senate, or at least from his Minority Leader post, thus ceding it to someone who is in a better condition to represent the state of Nevada.

Let’s leave it at that.


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