I have seen numerous reports today about how much Jon Ossoff  “won” the Georgia 6th district special election by.

But, amazingly (if you believe mainstream media are neutral, that is), I have not seen the data broken by party – despite the fact that while Ossoff got virtually every Democrat vote, Republican votes were split 11 ways with four major candidates.

Well, here’s a dose of reality for you:  the results by party:

      Total Vote:              192,084    100.0%

      Total Republican      97,997     51.0%

      Total Democrat        93,911     48.9%

      Total Independent        176       0.1%

As you can see, when party totals are added together Republicans won the election by 2.1% – a touch more than Donald Trump’s 1.5% margin last November.
And Republicans got their majority despite one Democrat benefiting from ongoing, almost uniformly positive, national attention – to the virtual exclusion of all other candidates – along with campaign funding of about $8.3 million which, I believe, is far more than what every other candidate in both parties combined had to work with.

Does that shed a more accurate light on things?  Make Jon Ossoff’s “victory” a tad less impressive?  I’d say so.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen anyone in our wonderful “neutral” mainstream media put it up.

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  • With story after story showing the outright bias and lies of the media what does this say for the future of the country???
    How can a country prosper when the media have such a grip???

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